Relational Front-End


Relational Front-End

With Relational Front-End, the Commop platform reinforces its consulting component when reversing the operation’s rational: instead of stating the operations that could be executed in it, the front-end shows a list of possible challenges/problems that the user may identify as the one that best fits the situation detected and the system shows him a list of recommended activations to meet the challenge.

  • Budget Control


    Budget Control

    One of the advantages of the Commop platform is the absence of surprises in the budget. This is achieved through two complementary means: the first one is by consulting the platform dashboard, where there are several frames displaying the investment made to date.

    The second way is by activating the budget control, and when the authorized investment is depleted, although the system accepts more Activation Requests, it does not let them advance in the Workflow until the allowed investment is increased.

  • Stock Management


    Stock Management

    For certain Activations, there is physical Support available in perfectly defined and controlled amounts. For these types of Support, there can be a simple stock management in which when the minimum stock is reached, it is not possible to place any more orders.

  • Business Intelligence Interface


    DSS / Business Intelligence Interface

    The Commop platform is the only platform that's truly integrated with management indicators and trends. As a consequence, the data that can be collected and analysed is equally unique.

    This interface exports that date to external systems where it's possible to link it to a Data Mining application suchas MS Excel or even a Decision Support System / BI system

  • Commop Brand Asset Management


    Commop Brand Asset Management Portal (C-BAM)

    The Commop Brand Assets Management is the repository where all necessary graphic elements for proper Commop’s functioning, are stored: Portfolio products’ images, logos, Backgrounds and symbols used in communication, Videos, Phrases, Captions, Vector Animations, etc., it plays a critical role in the system.

    With the C-BAM Front-end module, the repository can be accessed by any certified entity, thus establishing itself as a Brand Asset Management portal.

    C-BAM is the simplest, cheapest and most efficient way to decentralise the responsibility of the marketing teams, through an ergonomic interface with strong intuitive tools, inspiring and increasing the proactivity of employees and partners, and establishing brand spirit on all stakeholders.

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      We work everyday in the development of Commop's Comunication Management Platform, so to ensure its quality and that of the service we provide.

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