The Platform


The Platform

COMMOP is a Communication Management platform available in "Cloud" as SaaS (Software as a Service), that supports marketing activities of companies who need to adapt their message to specific situations, generating customizable communication pieces, ensuring a reduction of over 75% in lead times and more than 50% in execution costs.

Commop generates customized communication pieces, based on previously approved master templates, throughout a workflow fine-tuned to each organizations’ specs and that delivers detailed reports about the operation. Last but not the least, Commop allows a significant cost reduction linked to communication.

The Commop platform adds opportunities for new models and markets to communications in any company and sets forth the challenge of finding improved solutions and methods to communicate with consumers.

How? Through systemization of internal processes and elimination of delays in iterative processes:

  • In today’s extremely competitive context, companies turn to Commop not only to mark their presence and promote their brand, but also as an effective way to streamline the communication channel with their final clients: they use this platform to keep clients informed of their products, to automate and simplify recurring tasks, and to leverage new opportunities that maximize the value to be created for the client. 

    Greater Communication


    Greater Communication

    In this process, creativity is more relevant as the challenge is even greater. It's necessary to combine the communication's design with the platform’s functionalities as each model will have a lasting impact and great dissemination across several types of media, formats, and platforms.

  • Greater Efficiency


    Greater Efficiency

    With what goals?

    • Increasing sales
    • Customising communication
    • Accelerating implementation
    • Capitalising on resources
    • Ensuring respect for the brand’s DNA

  • Greater Control


    Greater Control

    With what advantages? 

    • Modular configuration, depending on the needs of each business
    • Inclination to several formats, media and platforms
    • Minimisation of errors throughout the process
    • Elimination of budgetary surprises
    • Analysis of all operational information, with detailed reports

  • Greater Innovation


    Greater Innovation

    The Commop platform is developed in C#, supported by Microsoft ,Net , using Microsoft SQL databases 
    as relational repositories for all information generated.

    To maximise reliability and SLA, the databases are hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

    In terms of application, the back office was developed in ASP.NET with a substantial number of modules 
    developed in Microsoft's Silverlight.

    On the other side, the front-end was mostly developed in ASP.NET using AJAX, JavaScript and CSS.

    This strategic option for Microsoft technology comes in the wake of our adherence to Microsoft’s 
    BizSpark program.




    Patrícia Reis
    Project Manager at Rasgo Publicidade

    “Commop, given its innovation and ability to communicate with great precision, was immediately a focus of interest for our current clients, and for the same reasons, opened doors for attracting new business.”

    Otto Teixeira da Cruz

    Unicer Sales Administrator

    “It was with a determination to do things differently and effectively in terms of cost and communication that I embraced the Commop project in 2007... With Commop, we achieved what we thought was impossible: communicating effectively and in accordance with the client’s needs, always paying attention to the specificity of each one...”

    José Fradeira

    OOH Customer Development Director - UNILEVER JM

    "Commop came to efficiently meet two increasingly pressing needs in the management of our clients at HoReCa channel: customisation and speed of execution, with the benefits of being a flexible, simple, and efficient solution, letting us measure in real time and in a continuous way the return on investment at each point of sale."




    Commop establishes a real relationship with each client’s partners by involving them in the communication process, giving them an active role in it.

    Because partners are "in the field," a precise insight is introduced about the particulars of each micro-market target.

    This same know-how can be imported, reflected upon and assimilated to ensure that the final product generated by Commop is dynamic and appropriately fit to the detected needs/opportunities.

    This type of relationship creates great proximity with the local partner, which, on equal terms, may be a decisive factor in customer loyalty.

    Since all stakeholders actively participate in the process and add value to the work, a team spirit is created and reinforced, and at the same time, autonomies are developed, that is, Empowerment is fostered.

    • Our Mission

      We work everyday in the development of Commop's Comunication Management Platform, so to ensure its quality and that of the service we provide.

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